"We saw that staff enjoyed very close and warm relationships with the young people in their care."

- Care Inspectorate 2015 


Royal Blind School

43 Canaan Lane


EH10 4SG

Tel: 0131 446 3120

Fax: 0131 447 9266




Our Staff

Our staff have the expertise to design, implement and monitor individual education and care plans that enable each pupil to maximise their potential, providing them with the best possible opportunities to achieve real inclusion as a valued member of the community. This expertise ensures that the additional support needs of each child are met.

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals includes:

  • Teachers - all of whom either have or are working towards the Post Graduate Qualification in Education Support, Visual Impairment
  • Care workers
  • Mobility and habilitation specialists
  • Nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech, language and occupational therapists.

Their work is supplemented by support, administrative and domestic staff. Together with the pupils themselves and their families, all have an important part to play in building the school community as an inclusive, supportive and effective learning environment. Meet our Senior Leadership Team:

Dominic Everett, Depute Head Teacher

Dominic joined the Royal Blind School as Depute Head Teacher in May 2016. He is a Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired.  


Julie Jamieson, Head of Care (Children and Adult Services)

Image of Julie Jamieson, Care Services ManagerJulie is Head of Care (Children and Adult Services), overseeing the Royal Blind School’s residential and care service, Kidscene and Forward Vision.