Royal Blind School

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Royal Blind School Inspection Reports

Read our latest inspection report. 

The school is inspected by Education Scotland (HMIe) and our residential service is regulated by the Care Inspectorate.

Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate (2018) 

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In the 2018 inspection the Royal Blind School received the following gradings: 

  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment: excellent
  • Raising Attainment and Achievement: very good
  • Quality of Care and Support: very good
  • Quality of Staffing: very good 

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Care Inspectorate (2015)

The latest inspection gradings by The Care Inspectorate, awarded in September 2015 were:

  • Quality of Care and Support: very good
  • Quality of Environment: very good
  • Quality of Staffing: very good
  • Quality of Management and Leadership: very good

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HMIe Inspection (2014)

The inspection's findings:

  • Improvements in Performance: very good
  • Learner's experiences: very good
  • Meeting Learner's Needs: very good
  • The Curriculum: good
  • Improvement through Self-Evaluation: good

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