"Young people could decorate their bedrooms as they wished. We saw that staff worked very hard to maintain a good quality living environment for young people." - Care Inspectorate 2015 

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Flexible Residential and Respite Care

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Due to the specialist nature of our school, some of our pupils do not live locally so a residential place is the best option for them.

Our school offers a range of flexible residential options for children and young people with vision impairment and multiple disabilities and we can tailor our residential offering to suit the needs of each pupil. Our qualified residential care workers will create an individualised care package to support a 24-hour curriculum.

52-week residential placements

Our 52-week residential service is ideal for pupils who live further afield and whose needs make it challenging for them to return home during the holidays. Our parents' flat is available for parents or carers to stay in while their child becomes settled at the Royal Blind School.  

Termly boarding

Termly boarding is a popular option for pupils who do not live locally and who have support at home during the school holidays. 

Weekly boarding 

Many of our pupils from across Scotland and the UK prefer to take weekly boarding places, returning home to spend the weekends with their families. 

Boarding during the holidays

We can offer boarding during the holidays for non-pupils of the Royal Blind School. Children and young people staying with us during the holidays will be cared for by our team of qualified care staff and are able to take advantage of the extensive facilities on the school campus, whilst developing their independent living and communication skills. 

Respite care 

We offer a respite care service to children aged 5-23 who are not Royal Blind School pupils. Respite gives children the opportunity to develop friendships, social and independent living skills, as well as taking part in activities and outings.

Whatever residential option you choose for your child, they will receive a tailored care packaged, designed to suit their individual needs.  

Qualified residential care workers

Residential care for blind and vision impaired children is provided by a team of qualified care staff supported by nursing, therapy and habilitation services. Our residential service is based on individual care packages and supports a 24-hour curriculum, enabling pupils to develop their social, communication and independent living skills throughout the day and evenings in a variety of settings.

Developing social skills and friendships

Residential pupils take part in outings to theatres as well as participating in local community activities and sports. These opportunities enable young people to cope with winning and losing, learning from their mistakes and extending their ability to solve problems, which in turn builds self-esteem.

Spending time with their peers outwith the school setting and being part of a different group provides opportunities for independent decision making and taking responsibility.

Residential pupils can further develop friendships with their peers who are experiencing similar challenges with sight loss. These friendships often last beyond school, providing positive life experiences.

Tailored care

To accommodate individual needs, care packages are either basic, enhanced or one-to-one staffing. This allows for packages to be customised taking account of individual needs related to health care, supervision and assistance for independent living. 

To find out more about our residential services, contact Julie Jamieson, Head of Care.

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