"They provided a wide range of opportunities for children and young people, to help them experience as much from their time there as possible." 

- Care Inspectorate 2015 


Royal Blind School

43 Canaan Lane


EH10 4SG

Tel: 0131 446 3120

Fax: 0131 447 9266




Primary and Secondary Schooling

We educate and support school age children with vision impairment and multiple disabilities at all stages of their education.

pupils at xmas show

We enroll pupils from P1 to S6 up to the age of 23. We offer a full curriculum as well as mobility and independent living skills. Our approach is enabling and empowering.

Our class sizes are very small - approximately four per class - and many pupils are taught one-to-one for particular subjects when needed.

We tailor the curriculum for every pupil across the entire range of needs, and we are flexible in response to each individual pupil’s capabilities. This flexibility ranges from specifically tailored communication techniques through to presentation for SQA examinations.

We also use body awareness and relaxation techniques to aid learning - you can read about how we use mindfulness here or watch the video below.

We teach the full range of subjects, including science, maths, art, woodwork, drama, a range of sports and foreign languages. Our pupils have been on trips to France and Germany and have participated in numerous international exchanges and projects.


Royal Blind School Admissions Enquiry

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