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Term Dates

On this page you can find the 2016/17 term dates for the Royal Blind School

You can also download our 2017/18 term dates. Please note these dates are provisional and may be subject to change. 


Autumn Term 2016

Staff resume 


Wednesday                                    17 August


Pupils resume


Monday                                          22 August


Mid-term break


                        17-21 October


All Resume


Monday                                        24 October


Term ends


Friday                                    16 December*


Spring Term 2017 

All resume


Monday                                          9 January


Mid-term break 


   13-17 February


 All resume 


20 February


Term ends


Friday                                              7 April* 


Summer Term 2017

All resume


Monday                                          24 April 


Term ends


Friday                                          30 June*


Dates noted above are all working days. Staff and pupils finish at the end of the normal working day except those marked* when pupils finish at 12 noon – on these days arrangements for staff vary.







Autumn Term

85 days


Autumn Term 

88 days

Spring Term 

55 days


Spring Term 

57 days

Summer Term 

50 days 


Summer term 

50 days


190 days 



195 days