"Whenever we come into contact with any staff members they are always lovely and include us every step of the way."

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Royal Blind School

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Transition to Adulthood

We prepare our pupils for life after school by giving them independent living and mobility skills. 

Preparing young people for life after school

One of our priorities at the Royal Blind School is preparing young vision impaired people for life after school and supporting them with independent living and mobility skills. As pupils progress throughout the school, they participate in a leavers’ programme with an adapted curriculum designed to facilitate their transition to adulthood.

Libby Clegg, Brand AmbassadorLibby Clegg (pictured) is a former Royal Blind School pupil and a Paralympic athlete. She said:

“Being at the Royal Blind School has given me a confidence I would never have had if I’d stayed in mainstream education. I would never have had the confidence to travel independently and would never have been able to speak in public. Now I do these things all the time.” Read more.

To prepare young people for life post school, we arrange work experience for them. Work placements have taken place in John Lewis, Standard Life, Drake Music and many more. Some of our pupils have attended work placements in other parts of Royal Blind, such as the Marketing Department.

We comply with the Scottish Government ‘More Choices More Chances’ policy and the National Care Standards to ensure that all young people have a positive destination to go to after school, whether it is at college, university, work or a follow-on service like Forward Vision.

Royal Blind Adult Services

Forward Vision is a transitional service run by Royal Blind for young people between the ages of 17-25 who have a visual impairment and other disabilities. Forward Vision provides residential and respite care in three bungalows on the Royal Blind School campus. We aim to prepare young people with vision impairment and complex needs for the next stage in their lives. Find out more.