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Bo Cox, Current Pupil

Bo lost his sight, and much of his hearing, after contracting E-Coli as a toddler.  Despite a challenging start to life, Bo has excelled at theBo Royal Blind School.  He is learning proficiency in braille and how to navigate his environment safely.  

Learning activities are designed to provide him with access to the curriculum and give meaning to everyday tasks. He is being helped to develop cognitively through a variety of experiences incorporating tactile exploration.

Bo’s mother, Lucy, said: “One of the most noticeable ways Bo has developed since first attending the Royal Blind School is his confidence.  When he first came to the Royal Blind School he was worried about being in the corridors without his teachers, he always wanted to hold their hands. Now, because the environment is tailored to his needs, and because all of the staff are able to work with the knowledge of his needs from the teachers to the caretakers and dinner staff, he has grown in confidence in this secure environment and has been beginning to learn skills that he wouldn’t have been confident to learn otherwise.

“I think that if Bo hadn’t been able to come to the Royal Blind School, with the dual sensory loss that he has, school would have been a really complex environment for him to make sense of. Bo said himself that he was worried by the busy environment that school might present.

“I also think that the benefit of having somebody who can teach literacy and numeracy in your chosen medium, which for Bo is Braille, with you all day every day, the same as any sighted child benefits from, is really important at such an early age.

“When he first came to the Royal Blind School he had only a little bit of Braille and now he reads Braille really well. He’s very good at reading and writing Braille and he is starting to use an electronic Braille device. His mobility has come on amazingly well. He is able to be independent now and make his way around at school and at home and I think that’s because he feels safe and secure. He brings his Braille reading home to share with me.

“There is also Braille all around school so the environment is tailored to meet his needs and he can experience the school environment on a par with his sighted peers.”

Bo says he loves coming to school. He said: “I love PE because I get to run around and I like reading, especially Harry Potter.  “I’ve got lots of friends and I can walk around by myself – I’m very fast!  Now when I walk anywhere I tell my teachers, you wait there, I’ll go on my own.  My mobility teacher has taught me ‘sighted guide’ and how you should use your hands safely.

“The Royal Blind School is the best place in the world for me.”