"I am very happy with the all-round experience my son and myself have with the Royal Blind School."

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Pupil Achievements

Robbie receiving Scout awardThe Royal Blind School educates pupils with a range of disabilities and visual impairments. Our approach is inclusive and pupil-centred, providing many opportunities for experience and achievement. While our pupils undergo special schooling, we strive to make learning fun, challenging and self-affirming. 

We are proud of our pupils' achievements, some of which are highlighted below. 

Prestigious Scouts Award

January 2016 - Robbie Dalgleish (pictured right), was awarded the Medal for Meritorious Conduct, an award given by the Chief Scout for demonstrating a high degree of courage, endurance, initiative or devotion to duty, often under suffering, without necessarily involving any element of risk.

Swimming Awards 

October 2015 - Myles Fleming won first place in the 25 metre back stroke and second place in the 25 metre front crawl at the Lothian Schools Swim Qualifier competition at Dalkeith.  Harrison Lovett won third place in the 25 metre front crawl.

Christina Tyler was awarded a Silver medal in the 25m front crawl and a Bronze medal in the 25m breast stroke at the the Scottish Disability Sport Championships for swimmers with a physical disability or sensory impairment in Grangemouth. 

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Royal Blind School Uptown Funk

We are really proud of our re-make of Uptown Funk which involved all our pupils and was a great hit on You Tube!


Celebrating Student Achievement

If your child is a pupil at the Royal Blind School, why not tell us about their out of school achievements here