"Staff were attuned to the different moods that young people presented and gauged their approach accordingly."

- Care Inspectorate 2015 


Royal Blind School

43 Canaan Lane


EH10 4SG

Tel: 0131 446 3120

Fax: 0131 447 9266




Why a Specialist School?

Home economicsMany of our pupils have multiple disabilities as well as vision impairment. 

Special schooling offers vision impaired pupils the opportunity to fully participate in school life with a curriculum fully tailored to individual needs and the experience of working alongside a mutually supportive peer group.

For a number of pupils, for all or a part of a school career, this is a valuable experience. Educational achievement and acquisition of daily living and mobility skills is much enhanced with a wide range of specialist staff and small class sizes.

This specialised education sets up the pupils with disabilities with the life skills they need after they leave school.

We also use body awareness and relaxation techniques to aid learning - watch our video on how we use 'mindfulness'.

Impact of vision impairment on learning

Approximately 80% of learning is through our vision. As a consequence, vision impaired children can often find school challenging.

Loss of vision requires:

• The use of imaginative and varied teaching approaches
• Support in orientation and independent living skills
• Adapting materials into accessible formats, including Braille, large print, audio and tactile diagrams
• Learning how to use assistive technologies.

Find out more about teaching pupils with visual impairment on the Royal Blind Learning Hub website.