"We saw that staff worked hard to involve young people in educational, leisure and sporting activities." 

- Care Inspectorate 2015 


Royal Blind School

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Adapting teaching for vision impaired learners

The whole curriculum is available to all pupils, with appropriate modifications to enable access to information that would normally be accessed visually.

Teaching the curriculum to blind learners

Teaching vision impaired children and young people requires a special kind of approach. With the use of specialised teaching resources and classroom equipment, teachers are able to meet the additional support needs of the pupils.

School xmas show


The Christmas Show (pictured) is inclusive with all pupils given a part according to their abilities. The script is written by our Drama Teacher, Aine Murphy, who writes it for our pupils with everyone given a role. Aine says:

"Drama is something everyone can access. Our pupils are able to participate in drama to the same extent that pupils in mainstream schools can. We just need to consider the way we teach it to adapt to their visual impairment, so lines to learn are given on a DVD, CD or in Braille. We also do a lot of sensory story telling, conveying emotions using senses other than sight. We use a lot of props, sounds and smells to build an atmosphere. Instead of asking our pupils what an angry person looks like, we ask them what they feel like."


Our music teacher, Louisa Maddison, adapts her classes according to the pupils she has and the nature of their visual impairment. She says:

"Pupils with vision impairment often find that, although they can read enlarged musical notation, it is extremely difficult for them to scan across a line of music. Reading music involves scanning the page from left to right and also from top to bottom. For a student with a vision impairment this can be extremely challenging. For this reason, the majority of pupils learn music orally. Vision impaired pupils often have a very well developed memory, and good listening skills. This really helps when it comes to memorising music in class."

Find out more about teaching vision impaired pupils on the Royal Blind Learning Hub website.