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Training for educators of visually impaired pupils

The Royal Blind Learning Hub is organising FREE training for teachers and support staff in mainstream schools working with visually impaired pupils.


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Canaan Barrie Signing Workshop

The Royal Blind Learning Hub is hosting a day for teaching and support staff to learn the skills used in communicating with learners with complex needs and visual impairment using the Canaan Barrie signing system.

The day will be delivered with contributions from vision impairment teachers as well as speech and language therapists.

Date and location: 

  • 12 September 2017, Edinburgh

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Vision Impairment Maths and Science Curriculum Day

This event will provide presentations on teaching maths and science concepts to pupils who are blind or visually impaired, mainly in secondary education. It will demonstrate a mixture of tactile and adaptation strategies as well as providing advice and support on exam papers.

Date and location:

  • 21 September 2017, Edinburgh 

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Vision Impairment Awareness Training (Glasgow, Perth & Penrith)

The day will cover:

  • Presentations on the impact of vision impairment on children and young people, including the educational challenges that particular conditions bring as well as consideration of social and emotional issues.
  • Practical activities including working with magnifiers, large print and Braille, iPads, mobility issues and adapting materials.

Date and location: 

  • 28 September 2017, Glasgow
  • 5 October 2017, Perth
  • 2 November 2017, Penrith

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VI and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Communication and Learning

This short course will be delivered jointly by the speech and language therapy and occupational therapy team. The day will cover:

  • Communication development/differences in children with autism spectrum disorders (A.S.D) and those with visual impairment
  • Strategies for working with children who have both an A.S.D. and a visual impairment
  • Opportunity to share and explore experiences of working with children and young people with sensory issues

Date and location: 

  • 12 October 2017, Edinburgh

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Early Years Tactile Graphics

On this course, you will learn about sighted guide, a technique for guiding blind people, and pre-cane skills. The day will cover: 

  • Producing tactile graphics and illustrations for their early years pupils 
  • The relationships between real objects and representations
  • Hands-on experience of creating resources for blind and visually impaired pupils

Date and location: 

  • 26 October 2017, Edinburgh.

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Eye Gaze Training

This event will explore the use of Eye Gaze as a visual assessment tool and its role in early communication strategies. It will be delivered using a combination of presentations and practical workshops.

Date and location: 

  • 8 November 2017, Edinburgh

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Introduction to Pre-Braille Skills and a Consideration of Approaches to Teaching Braille and Braille Technology

A two-day course involving practical pre braille skills activities and awareness raising of challenges experienced by the tactile learner. The day will cover:

  • Teaching Braille from early years to older children with acquired sight loss
  • Braille literacy encouraged by the meaning centred approach
  • Considering current Braille technology and a discussion of pupil support needs

Date and location: 

  • 14-15 November 2017, Edinburgh

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