Leave a Legacy

As well as looking after your loved ones, would you consider including a gift in your will to Royal Blind, Scotland’s largest vision impairment organisation?

Leave a lasting legacy

Royal Blind provides education, care, employment and accessible print formats for visually impaired people of all ages. By leaving a legacy, you could make a lasting impact on the lives of people from all over the country.

Legacies are our lifeblood. They go towards supporting all our activities, resources and services. Your gift could help us buy anything from specialist sports equipment for disabled children to enabling a camping expedition, refurbishing our hydrotherapy pool, to planting a sensory garden.

Get your will written for free

That’s why we have partnered with McClure Solicitors who will write your will for free. All they ask is that you consider a donation of your choice to Royal Blind. Find out more about getting your will written for free here.

It will also help us to continually innovate and expand, creating new services that respond to the changing needs and challenges of society. 

A legacy to Royal Blind will make a real difference, for which many truly deserving people will be hugely grateful.