About National Braille Week

National Braille Week is a celebration of braille and other alternative formats that is run by the charity Royal Blind. It takes place in October  this year it is from the 7th -14th October 2019. 

National Braille Week is your week - we invite you to get involved, organise your own event, hold a school assembly about braille or get involved in our social media campaigns to help spread the word. 

We have kicked off the week with the exciting news that pupils at the Royal Blind School have been the first people in Scotland to try out the prototype LEGO braille bricks. The story was featured in the Sunday Post.

We also held a special assembly at the Royal Blind school today (Monday 7th October 2019)) where pupils told us how braille has changed their lives.

One of our teachers Pam Young did an interview with CONNECT Radio today (Monday 7th October 2019) where she talked about why braille is still so important and why children with a vision impairment really need to learn it from an early age. You can listen to Pam's interview .

This week we are also holding a pub quiz at Edinburgh's Six Degree's North to raise both funds and awareness of braille.

Over the years many celebrities have supported National Braille Week to help raise awareness and engage the public. 

National Braille Week

If you would like to get involved in National Braille Week please contact us using the form below.