Why National Braille Week?

Braille is used all over the world. National Braille Week is about raising knowledge and understanding of its use.

Andrew Pettigrew, school pupilNational Braille Week aims to inspire interest and support for braille, which is the world's only truly universal written code.

It takes place during the week that World Sight Day falls. 

In 2019 National Braille Week takes place from 7-14 October. 

Over the centuries braille has had an enormous effect on the lives of millions of people across the world. It is not a language but a code by which all languages may be written and read.

Getting involved in National Braille Week

During National Braille Week organisations and individuals across the UK are encouraged to get involved by:

  • Organising events, activities, school assemblies and classes to raise awareness of Braille
  • Getting involved in social media campaigns.

Get involved in National Braille Week today! 

Please let us know if you organise your own activities by completing the form below as we would love to hear about them and spread the word. 

(Pictured above is Andrew Pettigrew, Royal Blind School pupil, reading a poem about Louis Braille that he wrote at an event celebrating National Braille Week in the Scottish Parliament in 2015). 


National Braille Week