Games and Worksheets

Simple, fun ways to practice a little bit of basic Braille.

Braille a-z



A - Z in Braille  - colour in the dots to make the Braille alphabet.

Braille Guide - a brief guide to numbers and the alphabet in Braille, for use with all the other games.

Braille Numbers - colour in the dots to make Braille numbers.

Crack the Code: Puzzles with a Purpose - a great booklet for sighted learners to learn the basics of grade 1 Braille.

Secret Message - blank Braille cells for students to create their own messages.

Who are you?- write your name and where you come from in Braille.

Braille Riddles - use the clues to help solve riddles written in Braille.

Learn Braille - information about Braille for beginners.

Braille Flash Cards (zipped word docs) - individual Braille cell flash cards.


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