Websites, Apps and Videos



Omniglot: an online encyclopedia of writing systems

This website has an informative braille section.


Interactive online UEB Course

The link below will take you to a free interactive online UEB course for sighted users. The beauty of UEB is that even though this was produced in Australia, it works for us too!

There is no need for a Perkins Brailler as it is completed by six key entry on any computer keyboard, via the internet, so you can pick up from where you last finished wherever you are!


You've Got Braille: a kids oriented website with a Braille guide




See your name in braille

An app from the American Foundation for the Blind - type in your name and see how it looks in uncontracted braille.




An Ageing Thing

This is a heartwarming animated video - it's one person's story about macular degeneration. Worth a watch: