National Braille Week runs every year, this years dates are:


  • 7-14 October 2019


Stay tuned for updates on our future events!


Get Involved in National Braille Week


Hold a school assembly, organise an event or join our social media campaigns. We held a special assembly at the Royal Blind School today (Monday 7th October 2019) where pupils told us how braille had changed their lives.

National Braille Week is an opportunity for individuals, organisations and schools across the country to get involved in promoting Braille. Please get involved and spread the word! If you are planning to organise your own activity let us know by completing the form below.


Social Media

Support our social media campaign! During National Braille Week share photos of Braille that you see in your daily lives - on menus, medicine packets, trains, bathrooms. We also share lots of interesting facts, resources and of course content from what you have been up to to celebrate Braille! Tweet using the hashtags #NationalBrailleWeek or #NBW20

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Schools and community groups such as Brownies and Scouts can have a "brailliant" time using our online resources to learn about Braille. We have power points, apps, videos and games. Browse our resources section.



Organise your own event at your workplace to celebrate National Braille Week. Use our free resources to get involved!


National Braille Week - your involvement