Past Activities

Here are some of the past activities that have taken place during National Braille Week. 

Alex Salmond at the Scottish ParliamentAuthor participation

- Award winning Scottish novelist Jenni Fagan launched National Braille Week at Portobello Book Festival. Jenni previously taught visually impaired writers at the Norfolk Blind Association. Read more about this event here.

- Scottish historical author Sue Reid Sexton visited the Scottish Braille Press - where she took part in a simultaneous reading in braille. She also visited the Royal Blind School to read from her novel Mavis's Shoe, which was published in braille at the same time as the print version. Read more about these events here.

- Photocall with Ian Rankin holding a braille sign of Fleshmarket Close - the title of one of his books. 

Spot the dot gallery

- We will focus on the everyday braille around us with our 'spot the dot' gallery, and challenge you to learn a bit of braille with our 'daily braille' puzzles.

- Join in the fun by sharing photos of every day braille around you that you see on social media using the hash tags #spotthedot and #nationalbrailleweek

National Braille Week at the Scottish Parliament

- Dennis Robertson MSP invited Royal Blind to hold a braille exhibition at the Scottish Parliament in 2015. 

Braille Exhibition 

- An exhibition highlighting the history and use of braille took place at the Central Library in Edinburgh. 

Celebrity eBay auction

- We have contributions from some big name celebrities for our charity ebay auction which will run throughout the week. Help raise funds for Royal Blind's services for visuallay impaired people of all ages by participating in our e-bay auction!


- Production of cook book by pupils of the Royal Blind School with celebrity chef Tony Singh - available to purchase in our online shop.

- Essay competitions

- Braille readings

- Publication of postage stamps with Louis Braille’s picture on them.


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