The Hawkhead Centre, Paisley


Our centre in Paisley 

Member in kitchen The Hawkhead Centre in Paisley is for veterans with sight loss, irrespective of cause. 

It is an activity hub for men and women of all ages and abilities - and is open free of any costs. 

Specialist support can assist with improving independence and mobility. 

One-to-one guidance will aid veterans in regaining or maintaining confidence after their sight loss. 

Support includes:

  • Advice on suitable specialist equipment, such as CCTV readers and magnifers. 

  • Financial assistance to enable veterans to take equipment home. 

  • Cane training, to increase confidence in mobility when out and about

  • Practical help on making homes safer for someone with sight loss

The activities and classes include:

  • Arts and crafts 

  • Woodwork

  • Getting online  

  • Cookery 

  • Sports, such as curling, bowling

  • Strength and Fitness classes for all levels.

On the same site, our sister charity Royal Blind has opened a care home for visually impaired older people. Find out more about the care home.

Who is the centre for?

The new centre is open to anyone who is a member of Scottish War Blinded. 

Membership is free and we welcome new membership applications. Join us today.

Scottish War Blinded supports anyone who has served in the armed forces at any point in their life who is now living with sight loss.

It is not necessary to have lost sight as a result of time in service to become a member. The majority of our members have lost their sight in later life due to old age and illnesses like glaucoma and macular degeneration.