Self-Directed Support

Royal Blind teamed up with Scottish Care to carry out a survey on people’s views and experiences of Self-Directed Support (SDS), the Scottish Government’s flagship social care policy. SDS seeks to give people more control, choice and agency over the care services they receive. The policy has the potential to benefit thousands of people with sight loss, enabling many to maintain their independence and live at home for longer. It can offer specialist support, equipment and accessible information to help people with visual impairment.

It was therefore disappointing that our survey of over 100 people across our services indicated a low awareness of SDS. Royal Blind and Scottish Care are now calling on the Scottish Government to take measures to raise awareness of SDS, including through providing accessible information on the policy for people with visual impairment. We are also urging local authorities to develop plans to increase access to SDS for people with visual impairment, such as through providing more training to staff on supporting people with sight loss to have the information they need on the policy.

Download a full copy of the survey report.