Accessible Media (1891-present)

In 1891, a department of the Royal Blind School began commercial braille production at Craigmillar Park. Early production concentrated on the production of religious and educational materials in braille, pioneered by Louis Braille in 1829, involving cells of six raised dots depicting letters of the alphabet.

Braille Production at Craigmillar

Braille production, carried out by a department at the Craigmillar school since 1891, moved to an independent purpose-built facility on the Craigmillar campus in 1953 under the operating name of Scottish Braille Press.

Scottish Braille Press

The Scottish Braille Press continues to produce alternative formats at Craigmillar for a diverse range of private sector, public sector and third sector clients as well as individuals.

Rapid developments in technology and media consumption have led to considerable developments at the Scottish Braille Press in terms of administration, transcription, production and service delivery. Documents such as books, legal documents and bank statements are now transcribed into braille, large print or audio formats.