Now available in Braille: God Bless Mrs McGinty! My Life and the Sunday Post by Bill Anderson


Press Release | 01/03/2016

Now available from the Scottish Braille Press is the fascinating autobiography of the former editor of one of the UK’s most successful Sunday newspapers.

Entertaining, lively, informative and direct, God Bless Mrs McGinty! My Life and the Sunday Post, by Bill Anderson, chronicles his time as editor of the paper giving an insight into the world of journalism from the man whose drive, passion and tenacity led The Sunday Post to be entered in The Guinness Book of Records as the world’s best-read newspaper. 

Bill died in 2012 but had written his story in 1982, while recovering from a car accident. The memoir was left in a drawer until Bill’s second wife Maggie, former editor of The Sunday Post Magazine, discovered the manuscript in 2014.

Now the Edinburgh-based Scottish Braille Press, which is run by charity Royal Blind, has published the five-volume Braille edition of the book on the same date that publisher Waverley Books will release the standard print edition.

John Donaldson, Manager of the Scottish Braille Press, said he was delighted to work with Waverley Books to make the book immediately available in Braille.

He said: “Less than 5% of published books are available in Braille and these generally take anything from three to six months before they are available to the great frustration of the Braille readers.

“It takes anywhere from two to four weeks for us to produce a book in Braille. The text has to be transcribed into Braille format by one of our skilled transcribers and the text is then proof read by one of our Braille proof reading teams and any corrections are made.

“The book can then be embossed and bound, in this case the book runs to 5 volumes. By giving us the text in advance Waverley Books has ensured that the Braille version of the book is available today, along with the standard print version.

“We are delighted to be given the opportunity to produce this fascinating autobiography in Braille and we are grateful to Waverley Books and Maggie Anderson for making it possible.”

The memoir is a fascinating account of childhood in working-class Scotland in the 1930s and 40s, of the wee boy who would grow up to edit the best-read newspaper in the world, The Sunday Post.

It tells of Bill’s broad experience from his working-class roots, later aboard the MV Marilyn Abbott, his medical training at Glasgow University, a spell working at Hartwood Hospital, through his army days, to his career in journalism.

The book is available in Braille in five volumes at a cost of £9.99 – the same price as the standard print version.

To order a Braille copy call 0131 662 4445 and ask for our customer service team or email The book is also available through our website at