Cultural exchange for Royal Blind School pupils


Press Release | 16/06/2015

Pupils and staff from Edinburgh’s Royal Blind School this week are swapping the leafy lanes of Morningside for a cultural exchange trip in Germany. 

Four senior pupils will visit a residential school for visually impaired students in the German university town of Marburg. They will stay with their German hosts, attend classes and take part in cultural activities.

Jake Murray, Reece Watt, Scott Hilson and Harrison Lovett have been taking German language lessons during their lunch hours in preparation for this visit, and are looking forward to putting their linguistic skills to good use.  

Carl Strehl-Schule is the only undergraduate school for blind and visually impaired pupils in German-speaking countries. The town itself is a model of good practice in accessibility having adapted to its large population of visually impaired residents.

Accompanying the boys are the school’s Depute Head, Sarah Hughes, and language teacher, Lauren Lockhart; Glenn Watson, senior residential care worker; and nurse, Gemma Meek.

Photograph of Depute Head, Sarah HughesSarah Hughes said: “This is the first year of what we hope will be a mutually beneficial link. Specialist schools for visually impaired are few and far between, and observing and sharing good practice can only serve to enhance school life wherever we work.”

Lauren Lockhart added: “This trip will provide an excellent opportunity for pupils to experience first-hand a different culture, which includes local foods, traditions, language and a new environment.”

A return visit from Carl Strehl-Schule students and staff to the Royal Bind School in September has already been organised. The cultural exchange will not only be a link for the pupils but also a partnership for the schools, to explore and learn about their different technologies, resources and practices.