Reports and consultation responses 2019

Royal Blind and Scottish War Blinded engage in policy development and research to take forward our aim to secure positive change for people with vision impairment. We believe it is vital that decision makers at every level of government are aware of the needs and experiences of people who are affected by vision impairment when they make key decisions on issues like reform of public services or the future of healthcare. This works is part of securing our vision to see a Scotland in which blind and partially sighted people, including those who have other disabilities, are fully included and live fulfilling lives.


On this page you will find details of Royal Blind and Scottish War Blinded responses to government and parliamentary consultations, as well as information about policy campaigns the charities are taking forward.

Scottish Government consultation on Disability Assistance

27 May 2019 - As the next step in developing a social security system in Scotland, the Scottish Government launched a consultation on its proposed approach to the delivery of disability assistance. The Government has promised to create a transparent system which treats people with dignity, fairness and respect. Royal Blind is broadly supportive of the proposals outlined in the consultation. However, we agree with a number of other organisations who have supported the case for life-long benefit awards and the removal of reviews where the individual’s condition will not change. We welcome the inclusion of 16 to 18 year olds in eligibility for Disability Assistance for Children & Young People but believe this should be extended to age 21. Our response also calls for greater clarity around proposals to cease a client's benefit when there is a break in their eligibility, such as being in residential care. In addition, we recommend that alternative approaches to a points based system be considered and consulted on.  


UK Government's Strategy for Our Veterans

7 February 2019 - In November 2018, the UK Government published Strategy for Our Veterans, setting out aims and principles to meet the needs of older veterans as well as the wider veteran community over the next ten years. The consultation sought views on focused questions, building on the research and engagement conducted to produce the strategy. Scottish War Blinded's submission called for the UK and Scottish Governments to work collaboratively to ensure the strategy achieves positive change for veterans in Scotland. It highlighted gaps in provision, particularly for disabled veterans and those living with vision imapirment, and emphasised the importance of signposting veterans to relevant support as soon as they require it.


Restricted Roads (20 mph Speed Limit) (Scotland) Bill

25 Person on pavement with white caneJanuary 2019 - Royal Blind and Scottish War Blinded responded to the consultation by the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee on the Bill. The legislation would reduce the speed limit on most residential and urban streets from 30 mph to 20 mph.We support the aims of the Bill, which would have a positive impact on vision impaired people. A national restriction on traffic speed to 20 mph on restricted roads would improve safety and accessibility for people with vision impairment on more streets and roads in Scotland.    


Draft NHS Education for Scotland Strategy 2019-2024

15 January 2019 - NHS Education for Scotland consulted stakeholders on its Strategy for 2019-2024. Royal Blind's response expressed support for the vision and mission statements. We also reiterated our concerns over the need to recruit more staff into social care and improve retention in the sector given the ageing demographic of Scotland. We called for Scotland’s health and social care staff to be equipped with the skills to ensure tailored care can be provided to an increasing number of people with vision impairment, with this number set to more than double to almost 400,000 over the next two decades.


Equality & Human Rights Commission draft strategic plan

7 January 2019 - The Equality & Human Rights Commission ran a consultation on the aims outlined in its strategic plan 2019-2022.  Despite the progress made in recent years in changing perceptions around disability, Royal Blind believes there is a great deal more to do to challenge successfully the stigma which remains around vision impairment in every area of life. Our submission called for the lack of provision in additional support for learning to be given further consideration by the Commission, as this is impacting on children's human right to education.