Forward Vision and Allermuir - Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus Response

Our priority is the safety of our service users, members and staff, as well as family members and the wider public. You can find the latest updates about our response to coronavirus in relation to Forward Vision and Allermuir on this page.

The people we care for are amongst those most vulnerable at this time. We are working tirelessly to care for their health and well-being throughout this crisis.

Our staff have come up with amazing ways to keep the people we support safe and happy. See the latest photos, videos and stories from the services on our blog and please consider donating to our urgent appeal.

Update - 1 July 2020

Thank you for your support in not visiting during this difficult lockdown period, we know this has been a very difficult, but critical ask of you and your co-operation has been very much appreciated.As we begin to support controlled and time-limited visiting to the care home, your continued support in protecting not only our residents and staff, but also you as visitors and the wider community, is equally important.


Update - 26 June 2020

Following the recent Scottish Government announcement about the resumption of visits in July, we are currently working through the guidance provided and will have an update next week.


Update - 16 April 2020

Royal Blind has always had robust policies in place to both prepare for and prevent the spread of any infection, and we are employing these policies to deal with coronavirus.


Update - 7 April 2020

Our full time residential and care services are continuing to operate. We are following Health Protection Scotland guidelines and ensuring our services are staffed at the appropriate levels despite higher than usual absence rates. 


Update – 20 March 2020

In line with Scottish Government advice to protect the most vulnerable, residents in our care homes are subject to social distancing and are remaining in their rooms as much as possible. We have been advised that visits must be reduced to essential visits only.