Update – 20 March 2020

Further to the Scottish Government announcements yesterday and today [March 20] around education, and particularly with regards to complex additional support needs, we will be reviewing closely what provision at the school might be feasible in line with national guidance and expectations, working with local authorities and government accordingly.

At this stage we have taken the decision not to fully close the school to our children and young people.  We will, however, close to all pupils on Monday 23 March. This will give us time to take stock of the availability of staff and our ability to deliver a safe service.

If we are able to do so, based on the availability of staff, we will endeavour to re-open on Tuesday 24 March. School staff are required to attend (subject to existing caveats on those who are self-isolating or social-distancing due to being at risk) work on Monday to help with these planning discussions.

We will be asking that families please consider carefully whether to send their child. The purpose of remaining open is to provide support for our most vulnerable children whose absence may pose additional risk, and those whose parents are ‘key workers’ within the community.