Update - 16 April 2020

The below information is for Royal Blind residents, families and colleagues only.

If you are a member of the press, please contact the press office on 07867430927. 

The health, safety and wellbeing of our Residents and Colleagues is our top priority. 

Our Coronavirus Response

Royal Blind has always had robust policies in place to both prepare for and prevent the spread of any infection, and we are employing these policies to deal with coronavirus.

We are also listening carefully to, and responding to appropriate advice, procedures and protocol from Health Protection Scotland to protect the health and wellbeing of all of the residents and colleagues within our care and adult residential settings.

This page details the latest advice from Royal Blind about the steps we are taking at our homes.

Braeside House, Edinburgh

To date, we have had no deaths that have had COVID-19 as the confirmed cause of death, although two were suspected as involving a diagnosis.

Three residents who have tested positive for Covid-19 have subsequently fully recovered.

The priority of the safety of our residents and staff is paramount. We are following the advice of Health Protection Scotland to prepare for, and prevent the spread of further infection following the recovery of these residents.

For our colleagues, it is of some comfort to know that all of those who have died did  peacefully in a place with which they were comfortable, cared for by staff who knew them well, and who cared for them as individuals. Our thoughts continue to be with the families experiencing loss at this time, irrespective of the cause.

Jenny’s Well, Paisley  

There has been no cases of Covid-19 at Jenny’s Well Care Home. 

Personal Protection Equipment

Further to recent media coverage highlighting the lack of PPE available to care homes across the UK, we can confirm that our supply of general PPE has been consistently sufficient.

As with all care providers, sourcing PPE, and in particular masks has been an issue, but thanks to the hard work of team members and careful usage we are maintaining the level of supply we need to prevent the spread of infection. We continue to appeal to donors to generously support us with the financial impact of the on-going use of PPE and additional equipment.


We are adhering to all Government guidelines regarding testing.

We continue to inform the GP if we have any concerns over a resident and they will then make the decision on whether or not that resident should be tested while adhering to the instructions and advice from Health Protection Scotland.  

Testing has now opened up to our key workers should they have a suspected or confirmed case within their families and we can also test keyworkers now, and have been using this resource.


As previously shared, we have restricted non-essential visits to our care homes until further notice.

We have not taken this decision lightly, but we know our visitors, including relatives and loved ones, would want us to do everything possible to keep our residents and colleagues safe.

We believe that restricting non-essential visits, including visits from loved ones, is the best thing that we can do to safeguard the health of our Residents and Colleagues during this time.

We will only be able to allow visits during end of life care, and with the wearing of PPE, and these must be agreed in conversation with the Home Manager.

Maintaining safe staffing levels

We are putting all of our energies in to supporting and protecting our residents and staff at this time and our staff remain fully committed. We have a dedicated core team of colleagues. To address staff leave, absence and self-isolation, we have employed agency and bank staff, in common with care homes across Scotland. We aim to use consistent staff as much as possible. All staff are trained in infection control, and equipped with appropriate PPE.

We are ensuring we continue to provide high-quality, kind care during this time, and maintain safe and appropriate staffing levels. This is in line with direction and advice from the Care Inspectorate.

Further Information

For anyone connected to a Royal Blind home who has further questions about our response to the coronavirus, or the care of a loved one, please call the Home Manager at your local home for a confidential discussion.

For all press enquiries, please contact the press office on 07867430927.