Update - 30 June 2020

We are at the start of our journey out of lockdown and have now entered phase two for care homes where controlled visiting is allowed.  

We are aware of how difficult and distressing this period has been both for the residents and you and we will endeavour to ensure we facilitate meaningful visits whilst adhering to the guidelines.

Phase Two

  • Garden visits with one key visitor
  • Essential visits (end of life) indoors

We need to be aware that if an outbreak of Covid-19 occurs, visiting will revert back to essential visits only.

This will be for a period of 28 days after the last resident with confirmed Covid- 19 was tested.

Essential visiting will continue to take place at all times.

Visiting Procedure


  • Support the resident to get ready for the visit and give them plenty of time to get organised in a relaxed way. If we think the resident is not up to a visit or they do not want a visit we will contact you.
  • Bring the resident to the visiting area and stay with them to give support if required (either sitting beside them or nearby)
  • Ensure the resident has washed their hands or used hand sanitiser before and after the visit
  • Ensure the resident is comfortable at the visiting area and understand why they cannot be closer than two metres.
  • Support them to use iPads if required – as the two metre distance may be too far for them to see or hear.
  • Support the residents emotionally both before and after the visit. They may be upset or distressed (remember it has been a long time since they have their loved one face to face)


  • Make appointment via reception or online portal (link here) Adhere to the one named visitor and two metre distance rule.
  • Bring your own refreshment and tissues (take away your own rubbish).
  • Not to bring flowers or balloons etc.
  • Arrive in time for the appointment, report to reception and either wash your hands or use hand gel.
  • Avoid travelling by public transport if possible (if you have no option please ensure you wear a face covering for your journey)
  • Complete the questionnaire on arrival and do not come at all if you are unwell.
  • Put on a mask (and other PPE if requested to). We will supply these items. Staff will support you in its correct use.
  • Be prepared for the weather as it may be cold to sit outside
  • Wear bright colours to help your relative perhaps see you better at a distance
  • Wear a familiar perfume or scent to help your relative appreciate you are close by
  • Bring your phone so we can video call if necessary (your loved one might not see or hear you well at this distance).
  • Allow your loved one time to deal with their emotions and in some cases allow them time to remember you.
  • Be aware that your family member may refuse a visit or may not be up for a visit, and it may require to be rescheduled.
  • Be aware of what your loved one’s preferred routine is and not make an appointment for a time of day when they may not be at their best – e.g. no morning appointments if they like a long lie.
  • Keep to the appointment times to ensure we can carry out appropriate cleaning of the area before the next appointment.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser after the visit.
  • Ensure you have some support after the visit

Other points

  • Speak to the Managers about any specific individual issues you may have
  • We will endeavour to have some flexibility in appointments so these can be rescheduled for any reason
  • We are sympathetic to family circumstances and will do our best to support you.
  • Appreciate that things may not go as smoothly as planned and we may have to review the visiting plan