Royal Blind Annual Report 2015

The merger of the Royal Blind School’s two campuses has been completed, and all pupils and staff are now located in Morningside. The campus went through a major redevelopment, introducing new specialist classrooms, outdoor play areas and a flat for visiting parents and carers in times of need. The pupils have settled well, and are enjoying being together in one school. It has been a pleasure to watch our pupils work together, both those with complex needs and those who are more able, during school assemblies, concerts and events. The Royal opening of the school building was an excellent opportunity to introduce our new premises to everyone we work with.

Royal Blind is moving to the next phase of our development with the establishment of three new services. Firstly, 2015 sees the launch of the Royal Blind Learning Hub, which will provide support to any education professional that works with a visually impaired child. Secondly, we are delighted with our recent purchase of land in Paisley to construct a second care home for visually impaired older people. Thirdly, we have acquired a property in Edinburgh to be converted into a residential and respite service for people with visual impairment and other disabilities.

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