Consultation on the UK’s implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty

15 June 2018 - Royal Blind has submitted a response to the UK Government's consultation on the implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty which allows for international copyright exceptions to help promote the availability of accessible versions of books and other copyrighted works for vision impaired people. As a producer of accessible format documents for people living with sight loss through the work of the Scottish Braille Press, Royal Blind believes the new Treaty is an opportunity to ensure a greater number of publications can be made available to more vision impaired people across the world. 

The consultation on the UK's implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty is being undertaken by the Intellectual Property Office and seeks views on how UK legislation should be amended to ensure compliance with the Treaty and the new EU Directive, with the European Union being a signatory to the Treaty.  The consultation covers a range of issues.  Firstly on the approach to changing UK law and whether copyright exceptions in the UK which will now apply internationally should benefit people with other disabilities as well as vision impairment, which is the case in existing legislation.   Secondly, it asks what producers of accessible format documents should do to comply with the new legislation.  Thirdly, it examines if compensation schemes should be introduced for copyright holders, and if so how these schemes should operate.  Fourthly, it looks at what other safeguards might be put in place for copyright holders who may be affected by the new legislation.  Fifthly, it considers how any new laws should ensure that accessible format publications can be made available through cross-border exchange. Finally, it invites views on any Brexit implications for the new legislation.

You can read Royal Blind's submission here.