Euan Grant, Production Operative, Scottish Braille Press

Euan GrantVisually-impaired production operative, Euan Grant, has worked at the Scottish Braille Press since 1979. 

Euan said:

"Although production of Braille has changed significantly in the time I have been here, with much of the production now being computer generated, manual involvement is still necessary as the machine cannot fold or check the final product.

"These days my job covers anything from transcribing Braille business cards to office admin. The department I work in is responsible for dispatching all items: bank statements, Braille letters and Braille orders for books and magazines. We’re basically in charge of ensuring things go out on time.

"I’m a person who needs to be physically and mentally active during the day. My role at Scottish Braille Press presents me with a different challenge every day. They might not be brand new challenges after 34 years, but they are certainly varied –every day is different.  It might be using computer skills one day, machine skills the next. I’m doing a lot of different things.

"In my 34 years here I’ve always felt able to approach the management to rectify any problems at all. The organisation does a lot for disabled people, so I think it is appropriate and well-deserved that they were recently accredited with the disability-friendly ‘Two Tick’ logo."