Art at Linburn CentreArt at our Activity Hubs

The art and craft workshops are a hub of activity for veterans to explore their creativity, whether or not they were artistic before they lost their sight.

Our instructors support veterans to develop their artistic streak, by helping them adopt ingenious methods to making art. This might involve using specialist equipment or lighting to assist.
Many individuals whose sight loss has come late in life find art a therapeutic expression which increases their self-confidence.

Projects in our art rooms can include but are not limited to:

- Painting

- Sculpting

- Model work

- Mosiac 

- Pottery

- Tapestry

Art in the local community

Our Outreach team work within local communities to identify suitable opportunities to take part in artistic activities in safe and supportive environments.

Their role is to enable veterans to overcome the isolation which sight loss is often accompanied by, and to build and strengthen local links in their community. Veterans can work closely with their outreach worker, to identify if there are artistic hobbies which they might be interested in pursuing locally. Appropriate specialist equipment and support is available to assist in the pursuit of these interests.