Specialist equipment to help with a visual impairment

We aim to support our members to maintain and increase their independence and improve their quality of life. For many of our members we are able to make a huge difference to their ability to manage independently by providing specialist equipment to help with their visual impairment.

Skills for Seeing training with equipmentFor some of our members the right advice and small pieces of equipment, such as daylight bulbs, can help them to manage at home. For others, a specialist assessment by a rehabilitation officer is needed so that we can source the right item for their particular needs.

We spend over £100,000 a year on equipment for our members, and generally provide specialist items to over 30 people a month from across all areas of Scotland.

Equipment we provide on a regular basis to our members includes:

  • Daylight bulbs and lamps
  • Talking watches
  • Liquid level indicators
  • CCTV magnifiers
  • Text readers / scanners
  • Hand-held electronic magnifiers
  • Hand-held illuminated magnifiers.

We don’t just provide equipment once. When someone’s eyesight changes we visit them to re-asses their needs. If necessary, we provide them with new equipment that meets their needs better and helps to keep them as independent as possible for as long as possible.