“Visiting someone in their home and taking the time to see how they are coping with sight loss and navigating life makes a big difference in identifying what equipment or support would be most suitable for them.” Sandra Graham, Rehabilitation Officer in our outreach team

Independent Living

Member with large screen menu at homeSight loss presents challenges to independence but with the right support to develop practical solutions, our team can support ex-service men and women to lead confident independent lives. 

This can be through:


Support can be available at visits by specialist staff to a veterans's home, in their local community, or by arranging a visit to our centre in West Lothian.

There is no time constraints limiting the

one-to-one time our team can spend with a veteran, working together to find the right solution to the issues sight loss can involve. 

"Tony was a very talented painter but when he lost his sight he gave up his paints, as he felt there was no point as he could no longer see the finer details of his paintings. I arranged for our rehabilition officer to visit him at home for a magnification assessment to see there was any equipment which could allow him to see in finer detail. A Topaz HM video magnifier was suggested and provided along with one-to-one support to get used to it. I was so pleased to recently get a text from Tony with a photo of a very detailed artwork and the message 'My first painting in 8 years - thanks to you I am living again' It makes it really worthwhile knowing this equipment can be life changing." Carole Martin, Outreach Worker.