“Prior to getting support to be more mobile, such as help to plan safe routes, I felt trapped at home. Both my wife and I felt it was unsafe for me to be out and about on my own. Now I get the bus to the Linburn Centre independently and with no concerns.” Bill Cooper, Scottish War Blinded member

“For the first time in a long time I have been able to deal with official mail, such as bank statements, independently without having to lay them aside and wait for family support.” Jack Watt, National Service veteran with macular degeneration


Magnified textOur team includes professionally qualified rehabilitation specialists who offer individualised support to help ex - service men and women adapt to sight loss.

Many people who lose their sight later in life need help to adopt simple skills and strategies to enable them to live more independently at home and to feel more confident when out and about. Our rehabilitation officers teach these skills, providing lots of encouragement and tailored support.

The Linburn Centre in West Lothian is a hub of rehabilitation and recreation for veterans and their families, who can be supported to access these services for short stays or longer term regular visits.
Rehabilitation appointments are also available in members’ homes across Scotland.

Vision Assessments

Many people with sight loss still have some useful vision. Our rehabilitation officers can assess vision and when possible, assist veterans to learn how best to use any remaining vision. These assessments can be done at a veteran’s home or at our centre. Often assessments can lead to simple changes like better targeted lighting and the provision of appropriate magnifiers.

Getting Around

Travel is an essential part of independent life but can be particularly daunting after sight loss. Our specialist team use orientation and mobility strategies to work with veterans to achieve their individual goals of independence in navigating homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods. This guidance is based upon the individual needs of our members.

Low Vision Equipment

Most people with sight loss can benefit from equipment which makes day to day life easier. For example:

  • Simple options like a magnifier can enable people to continue their daily newspaper habit. We supply a wide range of visual aids equipment free of charge to our members.
  • Long canes are a very useful aid when out and about. We can provide one-to-one training on how to get the most out of this tool.