Kitchen skills

Kitchen skillsSupport to adapt or learn new skills in the kitchen can be really important after sight loss. We can offer support either within a member’s own kitchen or at our activity centres, to enable them to feel safe and confident in preparing and serving their own cooking. 

Specialist equipment

Our team may recommend gadgets like liquid level indicators, which allow our members to offer a guest a cup of tea without the worry of over filling the kettle or burning themselves.

We can demonstrate how changes in ways of working in the kitchen can make cooking safer and more enjoyable. For instance, when visiting a member at home, we might look at labelling items to make them easier to identify - using clear print, large print, or tactile labels.

More hi-tech options are available free of charge, allowing a helper to record an audio message on a special label, which is then attached to the container. As well as identifying the contents, this message can also include additional information, such as use-by dates and cooking instructions.

Cooking skills courses

Courses on advancing cooking skills at our centre are very popular opportunities for veterans to meet new friends whilst picking up ideas to take home to produce nutritious meals safely.

For members who would like more in - depth support on getting to grips with cooking with a visual impairment, we offer short residential courses at the Linburn Centre, with accommodation provided free of charge for those living further afield.