Gym at the Linburn CentreSupporting fitness close to home

Across Scotland, our outreach team works with individuals to identify suitable local opportunities to get fit and active, and will support members for as long as they need to take part.

This support might involve a lift to and from the swimming pool, and checking the timetable to see what the best time is to go together. Opportunities can include assistance to join a local walking group and support to plan suitable routes and meet ups.

Linburn & Hawkhead Centre gym facilities

At both of our activity hubs, we have qualified our fitness instructors who can work one-on-one with veterans to create safe and effective fitness programmes in our well-equipped gym (pictured right). The instructor can teach proper form when performing new exercises and incorporates routines tailored to all capabilities. 

Strength and Fitness classes

Group fitness classes are also on offer and have proved very popular for people of all abilities.  Access to similar classes locally can be facilitated for all our members across Scotland. 

The classes begin with stretches to loosen the muscles and build flexibility, before progressing onto to exercises using equipment such as swiss balls, balloons, and rubber bands. Each session incorporates balance work with core and strength training.

Group classes are highly adaptable to meet each individual’s goals. There is a focus on the whole body, including brain memory with certain exercises.

Many of the veterans whom we work with report that they feel their mobility and balance has been impacted by their loss of sight. The classes were introduced as a fun and social way to develop fitness, which helps with independence in everyday life.

Many veterans who attend have reported noticeable improvements in both their physical and mental health.

Pete, suffered a stroke which robbed him of physical mobility, has found that since attending the classes his physical strength has really transformed. Pete says;

"I've noticed since starting the class I've been able to raise my right arm above my head again. I haven't been able to do this since I had my stroke last summer.”

Our instructors also work one-to-one with people to develop their confidence and strength at their own pace.

Are you or do you know of a National Service or Armed Forces Veteran with sight loss? It’s free to access our activity hubs and our Scotland-wide outreach service. For more information call 0800 035 6409.