Susan Dunham

Susan Dunham

After I lost my sight I became aware of Scottish War Blinded - but my perception was that they helped soldiers injured in wartime, and so I thought my time spent in the Royal Navy Reserves wouldn’t qualify me to become a member. 

A social worker from the old local society for the Blind heard that Scottish War Blinded had expanded their services and contacted them on my behalf. I was surprised to hear that I was eligible for membership - I had no idea and this was a pleasant surprise. 

Since then the support of Carole, my local outreach worker has been absolutely wonderful- particularly as local access to sensory impairment support has been reduced in recent years. She supports me to find solutions and to stay independent in my home. She has helped me immensely by devising a filing system for my paperwork with stickers which allows me to access the papers I need without help.

Without with the financial support of Scottish War Blinded, I wouldn’t have been able to replace my CCTV reader which enables me to use my remaining sight to read documents, and to see photos of my granddaughter clearly for the first time.

The monthly social occasions organised by Carole and the rest of the outreach team are a good excuse to get together and I was always look forward to a natter with my friends.

Once a week Carole and I go swimming, I wouldn’t be able to manage this on my own due to my sight loss and issues with balance, but we pick a quiet time and she’ll guide me as we complete our laps of the pool.

I would say to anyone who is unsure if Scottish War Blinded is for them to get in contact with their staff to find out more- the support is tailor made to each individual and has been of huge benefit to me so far. 

If you are, or know of, a veteran with severe vision impairment, like Susan, and would like more information about how Scottish War Blinded can help, visit or call freephone 0800 035 6409