Robert Reid

Robert Reid was just 25 years old and on duty in Iraq, as a Lance-Corporal of the Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland when an IED roadside bomb ignited, changing his life dramatically. 

He was gravely injured, and amongst other injuries, lost the vision in his right eye. 

"I spent a lot of time at Headley Court and Selly Oak Hospital receiving treatment for the injuries I’d sustained in Iraq. During my time there an Army Chaplain passed my details onto Scottish War Blinded who got in contact with me.  

Robert Reid

Scottish War Blinded has a particularly Scottish local identity which I appreciate. I felt that whilst there was charities and services available to serving soldiers and veterans in England, there did not seen to be a lot of information on what was available North of the border once I returned home to Jedburgh as a civilian. However once I was back home, Dawn, my local outreach worker from Scottish War Blinded came to visit me and we had a long chat about my new life back home.

If I could pinpoint one positive change which Dawn and Scottish War Blinded has supported me to make, it would 100% be the financial support which enabled me to set up my own business last year.

I didn’t know that the charity could offer this sort of support until Dawn suggested the idea. She knew that after I was medically discharged from the Army I'd found it difficult to acclimatise to civilian workplaces, as I missed the military values and work ethic which I’d been used to.

The 0% loan which was arranged enabled me to buy an existing pet walking and sitting business in my home town. Since I took over business has been strong and I'm really enjoying being self employed. I have expanded our services to include equine care, and I am thinking I may need to get another van and more staff as demand for Border Tails’ services has been so high.

I got married on Valentines Day and I’ve just found out I will become a dad in September. The charity’s backing took a lot of pressure off me personally, as it’s enabled me to run my own business doing something which I enjoy. I have PTSD and still get episodes, I find it beneficial to be around animals, which have always been a passion of mine, and in the open countryside.  I can’t thank Dawn enough for letting me know this financial backing was an option and for supporting me in establishing my own business.

I’m happy to share my story to support the Guide Them campaign and to show how individualised the support offered by the outreach team is."

If you know someone like Robert who we can support, please free phone 0800 035 6409. It doesn't matter when they served, nor how they lost their sight.  Please guide veterans of the forces to us and help them find out more about our outreach team at