“I visit members in their homes and find out about their person, their support networks and what services they require. I assess how their visual impairment impacts on day-to-day living, if they have any financial difficulties or if their mobility is affected – anything our members need, we will support them.”  Clare Stringman, Outreach Worker


Outreach Service

Scottish War Blinded's outreach service provides free support to former members of the Armed Forces who have lost their sight during active service, as well as those who have developed visual impairments in later life. 

Our free support is available to veterans in Scotland- no matter when or how their sight loss has occurred.

Outreach Workers

Outreach Workers are based across Scotland, covering all areas - urban and rural. Each visits members in their homes, and offers tailored advice, support and sign posting. 

Assisting independent living and building confidence

Outreach workers assist veterans with sight loss develop confidence in carrying out day-to-day tasks with a significant vision impairment through the provision of specialist vision impairment equipment and training.

Social Opportunities

Local reunion events are organised annually to promote stronger localised bonds between vision impaired veterans, friends and family. A calendar of monthly lunches, social and activity groups across Scotland are available for members who enjoy the opportunity to meet others in an informal setting.

Call us today on 0800 035 6409 to find out more about joining Scottish War Blinded.