What We Do

Member with magnifierIn Scotland today, there are thousands of men and women who have served in the Armed Forces, either in the regular forces or reserves, or during the era of National Service.

Many of these men and women may not consider themselves to be ‘veterans’, yet their service was invaluable and places them in a position of eligibility for support and camaraderie.

To Scottish War Blinded, it doesn’t matter how long ago their service was, or for how long they served in the Armed Forces.

Supporting all veterans with sight loss

Anybody who develops sight loss, at whatever stage in life, or for whatever reason, faces challenges.

To Scottish War Blinded, it doesn’t matter how military veterans have lost their sight.

To be eligible for our free support, sight loss does not have to have occurred during, or as a result of, time spent in the Armed Forces. Many of our members have lost their sight due to old age or illness.

How Scottish War Blinded supports veterans with sight loss

Our work varies, from working with older people to re-learn vital life skills which will help them stay at home independently, to offering training, social and recreation opportunities for people across Scotland. 

Scottish War Blinded does not have a one size fits all service, we adapt what we do to the needs of each individual member.

For many of our members, being part of Scottish War Blinded and receiving newsletters and invitations to our social events is enough. But for others the outreach service provides a vital lifeline of support and advice. Our outreach workers help each member look at any areas of their life that are causing them anxiety of difficulties and work with them to find solutions.

We welcome new members

If you or someone you know fits our membership criteria, call 0800 035 6409 to find out how we can help.