Our Services

Personalised support across Scotland

Any veteran with sight loss, no matter the cause, can spend time with a local Scottish War Blinded outreach worker, who will introduce them to the support we have available. They take time to work together to develop a relationship, and find solutions to individual concerns.

Our outreach workers can advise on not only our own services, but on other local services which might be of benefit.

Scottish War Blinded offers a community-centred approach to wellbeing and independence which could include

  • Home visits to ensure that specialist equipment which we fund is suitable for individuals’ lifestyles

  • Help to strengthen support and friendship between people through social opportunities

  • Building community links by assisting individuals to find and join local activities which might have felt impossible previously.  

From the point of our first contact, we can spend time with individuals and their families, to get to know them individually, to involve them in developing support appropriate for their situation - or just be someone who’ll take the time to listen.



Facilitating social opportunities

Some men and women who enjoy our social opportunities have found their own means of coping with sight loss, whilst others need more immediate support in taking back some control of their independence. A common theme is the positive impact of meeting others in similar situations and finding support through camaraderie.

Our Centres

The centres offer something different to each individual depending on their goals, focusing on social opportunities and regaining independence after sight loss.

Our centre offers a variety of free services including:
• Social and recreational activities
• Creative opportunities such as art tuition
• A wide range of sporting activities.

Short residential stays can be facilitated for veterans and their carers, so they can spend time enjoying socialising with other veterans and benefit from guidance and support on a number of topics.

If you are interested in Scottish War Blinded membership for you or someone you know please call us on 0800 035 06409.