Where Your Money Goes

Take a look at the items below for examples of how your money is spent.

£5 - a pack of coloured bumper dots. Tactile dots make it easy to mark equipment and devices, telephone keypads and microphone settings for example. 
£10 - a liquid level indicator. Ensuring blind people can fill their cup, pot or glass in the knowledge they will not spill or cause an accident. 
£15 - no spill mug. Mugs with a suction base mean they will remain stable around a busy home and even if they are knocked into. 
£21 - a pocket magnifier. A small and lightweight magnifier to help vision impaired people with reading when they are out and about. 
£35 - a portable LED folding light. Providing a bright light to any blind person, no matter where they are. Helping them to see things more clearly. 
£40 - a talking watch. Clearly announcing the date and time as and when required to ensure everyone can keep to schedule during a busy day. 
£100 - large print Bluetooth keyboard. For pupils and staff with vision impairments to use to enable them to utilise computers for study and work. 
£135 - communication aid. These devices enable pupils at the Royal Blind School with complex additonal support needs to communicate with classmates and teachers. 

£270 - talking microwave. Having adapted buttons that issue spoken requests to stir and turn food when needed.