Where Your Money Goes

Take a look at the items below for examples of how your money is spent.

Ten Pound

£10 – an adapted dinner plate with high sides which helps reduce the stress and embarrassment of eating for people who cannot see their food.

Twentynine Pound

£29 – an ultra-light cane with vibrating buttons in the handle which sense objects and obstacles.

Thirtytwo Pound

£32 – a talking clock which announces the time and date in a clear voice and has multiple alarm settings to help schedule a busy day.

Fourtyseven Pound

£47 – a set of talking kitchen scales which the young people at the Royal Blind School use in Home Economics lessons and their independent living flat.  

One Hundred and Twenty Pound

£120 – a special car- transit wheelchair for our elderly residents in Braeside House, ensuring that they continue to enjoy their life as actively and fully as they can.

One hundred and Eighty Pound

£180 – a pressure relieving chair, which helps to improve the posture of residents of our services.

Twohundred and Twenty Five Pound

£225 – a talking microwave with adapted buttons that can issue spoken requests to stir and turn food. 

Three hundred Pound

£300 - a music therapy session at Braeside House.


covers the cost of one hour of Royal Blind’s services.