Martin Haynes, Audio Document Transcriber at Scottish Braille Press

I spend most of my days at the Scottish Braille Press in a wee dark room reading aloud everything from bank statements right through to large documents and personal correspondence. We also produce and master the CDs before they are sent out. It is quite a small department, with only three members of staff. The job is a good fit for me as I’ve been a semi-pro musician for 25 years. 

On a typical day, we start by collecting the day’s workload and checking the boxes with the tasks of the day. After that, the day depends on what tasks are in your box. If it is 150 bank statements, that is all you will be doing that day. Sometimes you get something out of the ordinary –for example, I produce the audio version of the iSite newsletter.

The best thing about my job is listening to my own voice. Just kidding! I love the feeling of making a demonstrable difference- if we do 50 jobs a day, 50 people a day are receiving a service that they might not have gotten if we were not here.

I love the fact that I am working for an organisation that helps people too, which was further confirmed when Royal Blind were recently accredited with the disability-friendly ‘Two Tick’ logo.

However; natural daylight, or, alternatively, a fully-paid tropical vacation for us poor audio people, who work in darkness, would make my job better. I would even be prepared to bring my own towel.