Tracy Christie, Transcription Coordinator at Scottish Braille Press

My job title will probably not mean very much to anyone. Basically, I line-manage the proofreading team and oversee the large print work. Before I started working here, I worked in corporate banking, which helps me a lot as much of the work we do is financial.

My days here very much depend on what work comes in. Because of the huge volume of work we receive – up to 3500 bank statements per week and more than 300 letters – anything standard gets scanned in and transferred to a database. Stage two is allocating all that work out to people who then proofread it. That probably accounts for about 80% of the work.

I love overseeing a lot of supported employees and seeing them grow and develop in confidence. When some people start, they are a bit quiet, but with time they become chattier. I am also a perfectionist and want work to be perfect for the customers. It makes me extremely proud that we, through our work, are helping our customers stay in charge of their own finances as well as keeping their information confidential and private.

For a long while, we’ve been a disability-friendly employer, so it’s nice to finally be recognised for that by being accredited with the disability-friendly ‘Two Tick’ logo. I just hope it will inspire others to follow our example. At the end of the day, everyone benefits from being flexible and working to each other’s strengths.